HYM Update list and coming soon stuff

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Coming Up:

Food Board? Maybe.

-15th of September 2020

Made HYM homepage open source

Changed homepage fade

-14th of September 2020

Added 3 new boards.

Changed font from Times New Roman to More Perfect DOS VGA

List of Added Boards: Paranormal, Memes and...of..off...of-AHEM. Off Topic.

OffTopic board has strict rulezzz.

Added a few more rules

Changed Favicon

Added email tab

Added copyright message on bottom

Out of Beta!

-13th of September 2020

Added...the updates...board...

Added "go back home" button to every board.

Added HR tags to every board.

-11th of September 2020

Launched website

And thats it. Wait a little for more updates.